I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at IÉSEG School of Management (Paris campus).  I have a Master in Management from ESCP Europe (Paris) and a PhD from HEC Montreal (Canada). My research interests include: marketing communication (advertising, sponsoring, and celebrity endorsement), consumer responses to death in marketing (necro-advertising, post-mortem social media, etc.), brand gender, […]

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Publications and Conferences

Publications Boeuf B., Carrillat F.A. and d’Astous A. (2019), “Interference Effects in Competitive Sponsorship Clutter”, Psychology & Marketing. Boeuf B. and Darveau J. (2018), “An Ethical Perspective on Necro-Advertising: The Moderating Effect of Brand Equity”, Journal of Business Ethics. Boeuf. B. and Darveau J. (2017), “Posting From Beyond the Grave: An Autopsy of Consumer Attitudes […]

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