I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at IÉSEG School of Management (Paris campus).  I have a Master in Management from ESCP Europe (Paris) and a PhD from HEC Montreal (Canada).

My research interests include:

  • marketing communication (advertising, sponsoring, and celebrity endorsement),
  • consumer responses to death in marketing (necro-advertising, post-mortem social media, etc.),
  • brand gender,
  • politics and corporate political activities.

I received a research award at the 2014 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference and a scholarship of 46 666$ from the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture for my PhD. This scholarship is granted to the top six international doctoral students in social sciences, humanities, arts, and literature, in the Province of Quebec.

I teach marketing (in English and French) in undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs.


Ph.D. in Marketing, HEC Montreal (Canada), 2015

MSc. in Management (major Marketing), ESCP Europe (France), 2010

 (MSc. ranked #5 worldwide, Financial Times, 2018)

Courses Taught


  • Consumer Behavior (HEC Montreal)
  • Customer Relationship Management (HEC Montreal)
  • Market Research (IÉSEG)


  • Digital Marketing (Montpellier Business School)
  • Marketing Culture and the Arts (IÉSEG)
  • Marketing for Cultural Organizations (HEC Montreal)
  • Marketing Research Methodology (IÉSEG)
  • Marketing Research Seminar (IÉSEG)
  • Marketing Strategy and Company Observation (IÉSEG)
  • Qualitative Research and Consulting in Marketing (IÉSEG)

Executive Education:

  • Business Game (IÉSEG)
  • Customer Relationship Management (Air France; Montpellier Business School)
  • Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Industry (Crédit Agricole and Banque Populaire du Sud; Montpellier Business School)
  • Digital Marketing (Air France; Montpellier Business School)
  • New Trends in Consumer Behavior in the Digital Era (Crédit Agricole and Banque Populaire du Sud; Montpellier Business School)
  • Online Advertising (IÉSEG)